Album Art

A lot of focus has recently been lost on the importance of the album as a whole work of art. This is primarily because the single has become a main method musical artists use to disseminate their work. Now able to purchase music one song at a time, as opposed to buying the full album at once, we lose the small nuances artists utilize in creating a theme throughout an album. Growing up in between these two ways of experiencing music has made me both excited for the new technology as well as nostalgic for the past.
For this work, I created small and intimate embroideries while listening to full albums on repeat. With little to no planning as to how the pieces will look when finished, I used the music as inspiration- getting lost in the flow and my stitching. The color scheme is derived from the most common colors of the album artwork itself, and the scale is the size of a CD- the main way I took in music as a child. This series acts as an abstracted portrait of what the album looks, sounds, and feels like to me.


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Christmas Island: