Mending Project

A good mend requires love. This sentiment was said to me by a close friend after I mended and returned a pair of jeans to him. It brings me great joy to spend time repairing loved, but worn out garments for people that I, too, love. I started The Mending Project in order to explore notions of healing and repair in relation to community building and personal mental health, and to see how mending clothes for other people would affect my art making practice as well as my relationships. It began by putting out a call to my close friends to bring me any article of clothing in need of repair. With little to no training, I darned moth holes, boro stitched crotches, and patched ripped elbows. Using brightly colored contrasting thread, I highlighted the wear and tear the garment has gone through- a badge of honor to proudly sport. Mending acts a way to supercharge objects with care, imbuing them with the essence of the maker. The process of mending is also a healing one for me. Stitching brings me to a place of self reflection and meditation- a place where I am comfortable being alone. My goal is to transcend the original object and build on the pre-existing foundation while imbuing it with an essence of myself- a way of embedding the object with care.